Pigment Glue * Clear version!!Can last for 5 more weeks!Recommended for all professional eyelash artist.Durability:★★★★☆Irritancy:★★★★☆Viscosity:★★☆☆☆Target:Middle?Advanced levelGlue Drying Time:2?3 secondsUnit:10mlColo:ClearManufacturer:KoreaDivision:General goodsTenacity:1 month upon openingIngredients: Cyanoacrylate※ It can be used for 1 month after opening.・-・-・ Notice ・-・-・
Only sell to professional eyelash artists,not extension beginners.Attention:If it gets in the eyes,immediately rinse out with lukewarm water. And please consult your specialist such as your dernatologist/ ophthalmologist.Shake well before use.Please do not store in places of extremely low or high temperature nor in direct sunlight.Keep out of reach from children.Keep the bottle tightly closed when not in use.※Please consider carefully before buy this product.

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