Bloom ? Instant Volume Lashes

Create the popular look of the attractive and voluminous celebrity ‘Hybrid Lashes’ with more ease!

01.What is the ‘Hybrid Lashes’ technique?

A combination of Classic and Russian Volume applications in one design
A way to achieve a style that is naturally ‘messy’ and super voluminous
A technique to produce a dense and thicker look compared to Classic extensions
A mixture of short and long lashes that produces a natural lookrandom-length look

02.The Secrets behind the easiest ‘Hybrid Lashes’ you’ll ever make

A layer of glue at the root

The specially devised layer of glue at the root of the Instant Volume eyelash extensions keeps each extension in place.

Innovative two-layer structure

Instant Volume has a unique two-layer structure of short and long size extensions, while conventional eyelash extensions are only single-layer. This mixture of lengths produces a natural, random design with a simple pinch with your tweezer.

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