Extremely fine slim × high flexibility × superior qualityFineness of only 0.06mm, just as natural like real lashes after grafting. The charm of Feather Dimension lies in its lightweight feature that will not be a burden on the real lashes, yet also offers a relatively high sustainability, not easy to fall off. With such lightweight lashes, one would forget they are actually grafting lashes. Be sure to experience the charm of these eyelashes!The Charm of Feather DimensionThe "1-by-1" grafting is the current market trend, in which a rafted eyelash is adhesed on a real lash, therefore, the weight of the grafted eyelashes is concentrated on a single area.Causingserious burden on the real lashes. However, Feather Dimension's fine (0.06mm) consist of applying multiple lash extension to eachnatural eyelash in a fannedshape. Successfully distributes weight, reducing the burden on the real eyelashes.In addition, in the 1-by-1 grafting method, the grafted area would look very obvious or even unsightly if grafted lashes fall off. Yet Feather Dimension offers a Flare Type shape, lashes interstitial will not appear too striking, and can sustain this state for a pretty long period of time.

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