◇Specifications ◇

 ・Size:W: 12mm L: 7m

 ・Place of origin:Japan

 ・Lot:24 rolls

◇ Product details ◇

We successfully accomplished extremely low irritation by adopting  acrylic adhesive, which is excellent in moisture permeability as well as Polyolefin-based film, which has flexibility and moisture permeability.

The best suitable tape for fixing gauze as it has reliable fixture and is easy to be cut by hands.

SKINERGATE for Lower Lash prevents skin stuffiness, and leads to be hard to get skin-eruption.

Immersion softening is hard to be happened even in use for a long time. 

As not much keratin is peeled off, it relieves pain when peeling off, besides protects barrier function of skin, restrain skin-eruption.  

Stretches well even with small power, adjusts to small motion of the skin as it is integrated with skin while it's stuck on it. 

Thus, there is no discomfort, and lessen stress for the skin.

Water resistant.

◇ Usage ◇

To protect upper eyelashes and lower eyelashes, and also to fix eyelids.

◇ Materials ◇

Poly Lee olefin-based film, Acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive

◇ Notice◇

 ・Avoid using it if you have any skin abnormalities.

 ・The sense of feeling is dependent on individuals.

 ・In case of grafting operations for the customer whose skin is very sensitive, putting tape itself could cause inflammations of the skin. In that case, we recommend using eye area protection sheets for eyelash extensions exclusive instead of the surgical tapes.

 ・Do not pull the tape when putting on the skin, otherwise pulled tapes will cause inflammations of the skin,

 ・Do not put the tape to the wound directly.

 ・Stop using if any eruptions, reddish spots, or itch occur.

 ・Please remove it gently enough along the flow of the body hair so that skin is not get damage.

 ・Be careful of water leaking.

 ・Store in places of indirect sunlight and at normal temperature.

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