◇Specifications: Tip swab 1.5mmThe tip swab is small, so you can apply the remover in every detail.In addition, good for part removing for small numbers of extensions.If using it for pretreatment, it will great help for taking dirt out between each eyelash.◇Size《4 sizes》1.5mm(Purple),2.0mm(Green),2.5mm(Blue),3.0mm(Orange)◇UsagePut pre-treatment agent(primer) or remover on cotton of the micro brush.《Comments from A Professional Eyelash Artist》※We recommend it for eyelash artists who use comb-typed essence not brush-typed essence.When applying comb-typed essence, sometimes it happens that extensions get entangled.In that case, use it after steeping the micro brush in the essence so that you can apply it evenly to a lash line without the extensions’ entanglement. ※When removing extensions, it is faster to remove that using micro brushes than swabs, and brush it carefully.※After removing, leave it for a little while and then, brush it so that you can remove extensions much easier.◇Notice・Keep out of reach of children.・Please do not store in places of extremely low or high temperature, humidity nor in direct sunlight. ・It sometimes happen that color of the actual product looks different from the one in the pictures because of photographing or display, please refer to the actual product.

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