◇Specifications of glue:Made in Japan Pigments Glue makes its debut! Pigments Glue has been long hit and super popular!Many eyelash artists have been using pigments glues, and this time, the one made in Japan finally came out! You can use products made in Japan with peace of mind.Although it still keeps durability and quick-drying ability high, lessen the smell and irritation which characteristics of glue, and so it adheres extensions effectively!We are sure that both the artists who have been using pigments and those who haven’t found favorite glue yet will become fans of it!Durability: ★★★★☆Irritation: ★★☆☆☆Viscosity: ★★☆☆☆Drying time: 2?3 secLevel: Middle? Advanced◇Product detailsUnit: 10mlColor: BlackPlace of origin: JapanPreservation Period: Unopened:2?3 months After opened:1 month (need chilled storage)Ingredient: Cyanoacrylate※Please replace the product with new one when 1 month passed after opening even though there are still some remains.◇Comments from manufactureWe’ve got lots of requests of basic Pigments glue, finally made in Japan of it was released! This is the perfect one that has Japanese consideration such as lessen smell of glue that makes people unpleasant as well as keeping durability and quick-drying ability.◇Notice・Only sell to professional eyelash artists, not extension beginners. ・Do not put it directly into eyes nor apply it directly to around eyes. ・Before using any new product, we suggest you completing the sensitive skin test to ensure product is suitable for you.・If skin problem occurs, stop using it.・Do not use it for your own eyes as it’s not for self-treatment.・Do not contact it directly with skin as it’s not for false eyelashes.・Shake well before use. ・Use in a well-ventilated area and prevent fire. (If ventilating over 2 spots, it has a much effect on ventilation.) ・Keep out of reach from children.・Please do not store in places of extremely low or high temperature, humidity nor in direct sunlight. ・Do not rub and wash off immediately with water or warm water in case of it getting in eyes. And please consult your specialist such as your dermatologist/ophthalmologist. ・Keep the bottle tightly closed when not in use. ・Use within 1 month upon opening. ・This product is regarded as one of the general goods, so please purchase it under your own responsibility if you buy it.・Sometimes it happens that color of the actual product looks different from the one in the pictures because of photographing or display, please refer to the actual product.JAN code:4571351202178

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